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Whether you want to automate your prepress, edit print jobs within your team or set up an online print shop, we have the right product for you.

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Automation & Collaboration

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Flux Workstation

Your flexibility is important to us: Start with our entry-level product and switch to a different product if needed.
Our software solution grows with your needs.

Prepress: AccurioPro Flux Essential

AccurioPro Flux Essential offers all you need for efficient prepress processes. The automation of recurring tasks and centralized control of all production machines will multiply the productivity of your print room.

Flexibility versus Automation

Our software solution offers both: You can flexibly imposition documents, define formats, select papers and more during print preparation. An intelligent optimization function is at your side. At the same time, you can also save frequently used settings as products (e.g. booklets, business cards) and thus save a lot of time during print preparation.


Your print file needs some extra editing? You don't need to switch to another tool: Rearrange pages and sheets. Add pages from external PDF files. Insert tab sheets and label them easily. Crop, scale or rotate page content. Add as many text fields as required.

Hot folders

Share a folder in your network which is linked with a print product. The result: All documents, that your users put in there, are uploaded with the print settings automatically applied. They arrive print-ready!

Job management

All print jobs are listed in the main window to guarantee a perfect overview. But for special tasks you can create custom filters, which show only the required parts of the job list. For example, create a filter to see only jobs that are assigned to a certain printing device.

Basic preflight check

Avoid printing problems resulting from incorrect PDF files. During import all documents are automatically checked for missing fonts, images with a resolution too low and transparencies.

Paper catalog

Did you invest a lot of time to configure a proper paper catalog at your printing machine? Good news: Import the whole catalog and use it in our software.

Color management

We provide full support for Konica Minolta controllers. Save time by adjusting all color management settings within the application without the need to switch to the controller. Save settings for convenient reuse.

Printer clusters

Optimize the utilization of your production machines by organizing them in printer clusters. Print jobs are distributed evenly across all machines in one cluster, even taking the device's individual printing speed into account. A split between color and b/w printers using the color status of the individual pages is also possible.

Integration of 3rd party devices

Our software solution is optimized for output on production machines from Konica Minolta. In addition, you can also connect printing devices from other manufacturers. This allows you to centrally control all machines in your print room.


  • Save time and clicks by automating repetitive tasks
  • Save time and money by making optimal use of your production printing machines, especially at peak times
  • Avoid misprints by checking print files automatically
  • Switch between the use of predefined products and the flexible setting up of print documents as required
  • Install it easily on your PC, no server environment needed
  • Integrate printing devices from other manufacturers and manage them all with one application
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Automation & collaboration: AccurioPro Flux Premium

AccurioPro Flux Premium includes in addition to the prepress module a powerful server that enables you to receive print jobs from clients within your company network and organize print jobs within your team. Comprehensive reports help you to optimize your print room.

Working together as a team

Every operator in your team has a personal account. By assigning print jobs to an operator it is visible for the whole team who is working on which job. Three operators can work at different PCs simultaneously. If your team is larger, you can purchase additional Flux Multi Seat licenses.

Work anywhere

You decide whether you want to edit print jobs in the locally installed Flux Workstation or rather in the browser of your PC, Mac or mobile device. In addition, you can access the jobs assigned to that machine directly from the printer using the Flux Panel. You have full flexibility and can work anywhere.

Job submission via clients

Users can send print files directly from their applications via the company network using a dedicated client; no need for prior conversion to PDF format. Print files are automatically imposed and arrive print-ready at your desk.

Inform your users about the job status

Keep in touch with your users easily. Inform them about the status of their print job by sending them updates via email automatically as soon as a work step is finished. You can select from a list of predefined work steps. The predefined work steps are fully configurable and thus adaptable to your individual processes.

Add rules for jobs

Automatically assign jobs to an operator with the help of predefined rules. The rules can be created for products or – in case you use the web-to-print module in AccurioPro Flux Ultimate – for user groups.

Data analysis

Make use of all stored data and create your own graphical reports with the help of an included assistant. The assistant allows to create and change reports easily and flexibly. Choose between different chart types.

Process print jobs directly at the printing device via Flux Panel

Access print jobs directly from the panel of the printing device. You can check, preview and edit all jobs, which are assigned to the particular device. Start printing or forward the job to another device. You have full flexibility and can decide whether you prefer to manage jobs on a PC or at the printer.

Customizable user rights

Create your own user roles, which you assign with individual rights. For example, with the right to edit print documents, delete print jobs, change the configuration or manage users. Design the rights management freely according to your requirements.

Support of native data streams

Import native data streams directly in our application by using a hot folder. The data streams are stored permanently and can also be printed several times if necessary. The following formats are supported: PCL, PS and PDF.


  • Share information about each print job within your team
  • Organize your tasks efficiently
  • Receive print-ready documents from your users
  • Improve and simplify the communication with your users
  • Get a better picture of your print volume
  • Flexible processing of print jobs – in the local application, in the browser, on the mobile device or directly on the printer
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Web-to-Print: AccurioPro Flux Ultimate

AccurioPro Flux additionally includes an easy to use online print shop to the basic and workflow module. Offer comfortable 24/7 online ordering to your users. It is optimized for commercial printers offering their services to business clients (B2B) and in-house print shops of public institutions, universities and corporations.

Preflight check & previews

All documents uploaded by your users are automatically checked for missing fonts, images with a resolution too low and transparencies. Define if you want to accept or decline orders that include detected problems. After uploading their print files, your users can check them in a preview.

Price lists

You have full flexibility in pricing. Make use of price scales for quantity discounts and set a global and/or product-related VAT rate. For internal cost allocation you can define an account field. For external customers you can offer online payment via the payment service provider Ingenico.

Individual offers per user group

Customize your offers per user group. For each user group you can offer individual selection of products, prices, delivery options and catalogs. Choose an order workflow and add an approval workflow, if needed.

Easy IT integration

Integrate the online shop easily in your established IT environment. Connect an Active Directory server with the online shop via LDAP to make use of existing user databases. Use the single sign-on feature to offer comfortable authentication.

Adjust the look & feel

Make your customers feel at home. Choose between eight themes and customize them, if you wish. Add your own logo and choose your own title for the shop. Additionally you can customize the login page and the user's dashboard. 

Personalized printing

Offer personalized print products to your customers like business cards. You can provide editable text fields and place holders for the upload of logos or images.

Online status tracking

Users can check the status of their print job anytime in the online shop. Additionally, you can notify them of status changes via automatic e-mail updates.

Approval workflow

Set up a simple and straightforward workflow which allows approving orders internally before submitting them to your print room.


  • Comfortable ordering for your users 24/7
  • Simple reordering of print jobs from the archive
  • Simple ordering of print-ready documents from the catalog
  • Individual offers per user group
  • Easy integration of existing Active Directories
  • Comfortable authentication via single sign-on (SSO)
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Available in 25 languages

You need more functions? Add more options!

Enhance your chosen product with additional options. There are several options for each product available.

AccurioPro Flux EssentialAccurioPro Flux PremiumAccurioPro Flux Ultimate

Flux Raster Editor

Edit documents with a powerful raster graphics editor. It enables typical image editing operations (e.g. despeckle, deskew, emphasize) for single and multiple pages.


Flux Document Converter – Operator Option

Import native Office file formats manually or via hot folders without prior conversion.


Flux Document Converter – Customer Option

Accept native Office file formats from your customers in the web shop.


Flux Multi Seat

Buy Flux Multi Seat licenses to work with more than three operators simultaneously (max. 15 users in total).


Flux Accounting Connector

Connect to the accounting solutions SafeQ, Pcounter or PaperCut.


Flux Preflight Pro

Use the fully integrated preflight engine of pdfToolbox by callas to detect and fix PDF problems and avoid production errors. No external application needed.


Flux PitStop Connector

Connect the external preflight application PitStop Server (Enfocus).


Flux XML Connector

Integrate 3rd party applications like external web-to-print solutions.


Flux Multi Shop

Set up multiple shops and customize their storefronts. Offer individual products, prices and catalogs.


Safe investment

We keep improving our software. You can benefit from future features with a Software Maintenance Plan (SMP), which is available for each product and option separately.

It includes free updates, upgrades and service releases. 

Your benefits: up-to-date software, planning reliability, no sudden investments

Free upgrade

All customers with a valid Software Maintenance Plan using a previous version can upgrade to the new version free of charge!

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